The 107 Story
Jones County
History & Heritage, Inc
The 107 Story
by Jones County History & Heritage

These books are a compilation of approximately 21 short stories
​ that help preserve the rich culture and folk heritage
of Jones County.

1st book Published 2010  - articles:
The Rental Car Bank Robbers;    Jones Countian Brings
Fame to Georgia;   Blown to Kingdom Come;  JC Builds
Two Courthouses;   A Glass Act;   The JC Kiwanis Club; Schools
​ and Academies of JC;   The First Baptist Church
of Gray;   Juliette,GA;   Peyton Taylor Pitts, Sr; The Gray Theater;   "Bo";    Telamon Crugar Cuyler Smith;   Born to
 Teach;   Mrs. Sue Ellen Boyette;   Our Precious Piece of
the Rainbow;   The Cabiness House;   Jackson Girls of
 Sugar Hill;   The Ghosts of Clinton Past;  Railroad Tracks; Cemeteries of JC

2nd book Published 2011 - articles:
JC Public Library;   Greyhound Goes to NBA;   Pilot Club
of JC;   The Rejected Courthouse;   William Alonza Black;   Ocmulgee Primitive Baptist Assoc.;   "Beabie";   Mystery Death of Macon Musician;   Jake Hutchings;   MyWay;   Round Oak, A Lasting Settlement;   From Log Cabin to
State Capitol;   Clem Roberts;   "The Feed Store";  
Moving America;   Banks Haven;   Memories of Miss Eula;   Holt School;   Reflections of a Disenchanted Belle;  
Prince of Train Robbers;   The James Ghost

3rd book Published 2012 - articles:
The Transmission Lady;   JC Frontier Fort;   Lions Club of JC;   Mrs. Mattie Avery Wells;   Fond Memories of Old Griswold School;   Pioneers of the Piedmont;   Chief
Justice from JC;   The Childs/Bragg House;   Running a Thousand Miles for Freedon;   The Brothers War;   The Chase;   The JC Headlight;   Religion Comes to JC;   The Trailer Plant;   East Juliette(Glover) Bridge;   The Death
of Richard Choate;   Where Have All the Towers Gone?;   What Do You Know About JC?

4th book Published 2013 - articles:
If the Post Office Could Talk;  U.S. Lancaster;  The Lady Architect;  The White House;  Glover's Hill;  Greater Love Hath No Man;  Southern Storms;  Industrialization in Jones County;  Friendship CME Church;   The Bradley House;  Saturday Night at the Races;  Carl Talmadge Prince;  Ready Cash;  The Adams Family Affair;  Oliver Morton D.A.R.;   Old Country Stores of Upper River Road;  Michael Morris Healy

5th book Published 2014 - articles:
Memories of Cherokee; Corn and Tomato Clubs; "Coxie"; The Men of Company B; The Childs House; Bullington Store; Old Sardis Methodist Church; Flagalina; The Raider Returned to Preach; Champs Who Made JC Roar; Behind the Scenes; YMCA Camp Joycliffe; Claude Glawson's Store; The Plentitude Community; Dr. Pallie Stewart; Take A Walk on the Wild Side; H.B. Jones, Jr. M.D.; Precious Cargo; The Dairy Farm

6th book Published 2019 - articles:
Candlelight Country Club; Miss Martha and the Glee Club; Park Haven; James and Marie Collins; Who Was Daniel Pratt?; Tomotava; Honoring Jones County Veterans; First Animal Clinic in Jones County; Stores of Round Oak; ​History Etched in Stone; Joseph Daniel Zachary, M.D.; Central of Georgia Railroad; Memories of Miss Helen​​; Union Hill; "Mutt" Pitts

7th book Published ​2021 - articles:
Fleta Massengale Harper; JCHS 1989 State Champions; Pitts Chapel UMC; River North Academy; County Lines; Cleo's Restaurant; Idella Duncan School; History of Telephone System; Kitchens Barber Shop; Sally Wicker; "The Beauty Shop"; Public Works Department; Plentitude Homemakers Club; Deacon Huff​

Our plan is to have a new publication each year ready to
use as a great Christmas Gift.
*each book cover looks the same, except for the Series number
cost of this book is $15.00 plus $5.00 mailing fee, with check made payable to: JCHH, mail to: PO Box 2605, Gray, GA 31032