School Daze
Jones County
History & Heritage, Inc
 The Jones County History and Heritage, Inc. is offering sponsorship for the "School Daze" Memorial Wall. The cost is $25.00 per plaque, with the proceeds going toward the completion and maintenance of the Museum. For each name submitted, we need the information section completed below along with a check made payable to Jones County History and Heritage, Inc. We would like a brief bio and a picture to be used in the index book kept near the Wall. The bio can be emailed to:, please have JCHH in the subject line.  Click here for a form to print

(as you want it to appear on plaque)

graduation year (or) years of service_______________________________

the actual size of the plaque is 3" X 12".

________________________________       ____________________________
Name and phone number of person making donation(in case we have a question)

Mail information and check to:

Jones County History & Heritage, Inc.
PO Box 2605
Gray GA 31032

or give to a History and Heritage Member