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January 26, 2011
First Lady Designates 15 New Preserve America Communities.
These Communities are committed to preserving their past by using their heritage to build a better future.
The newly designated communities are, by state:

Arkansan - Hamburg
Florida - Leon County
Georgia - Jones County
Minnesota - Litchfield
New Jersey - Bridgeton, Roebling
Ohio - Somerset
Rhode Island - Barrington
Texas - Laredo, San Angelo
Virginia - Waterford
Washington - Ferry County
Wisconsin - Greendale, Milton

The Preserve America Community program recognizes a select of communities that use their heritage resources to share the myriad benefits of historic preservation with residents and visitors. The program began in 2003 and Preserve America Communities, great places to visit and explore, are now located in all 50 states and many overseas U.S. territories. Preserve America is administered by the ACHP with assistance from the U.S. Department of the Interior. For more information see: and