Hamilton Williams
Preservation Award
Jones County
History & Heritage, Inc

​​​​​​Jones County History and Heritage, Inc. (JCHH) created the Hamilton-Williams Preservation Award in 2007 as a lasting Bicentennial tribute. It is named for two women whose names are entwined in Jones County's history but in very different ways.

Carolyn White Williams was a school teacher in Round Oak, but she is best known as the author of The History of Jones County, first published in 1957. The book chronicles Jones County's first 100 years from 1807 to 1907 and has been reprinted three times, most recently in 2003 by History and Heritage.

Annie Bowen Hamilton was the founder and first president of the Old Clinton Historical Society, which was formed in 1974. From the time the historical society was formed, Hamilton devoted the majority of her life to protect Clinton and its colorful history. Hamilton was one of the founders of Old Clinton War Days, which has been the major fundraiser for the historical society since it began in 1982.

The criteria for the award are: outstanding achievement or contributions to the preservation of Jones County's historical landscapes, buildings, artifacts and folklore; broad and effective advocacy of the value of Jones County's historical assets; advocacy of the promotion and education of the public about Jones County's historical landscapes, buildings, artifacts and folklore; and commitment to further the preservation of Jones County’s historical assets.

To nominate someone, click on  Nomination Form and write a brief description(500 words or less) and attach any photo's or published recognition for the nominee.

A plaque with annual award recipient names hangs on the wall of the School Museum.

2008 Recipients: Sherri Rollins and Earl Colvin
2009 Recipient: Ralph Sires
2010 Recipient: Bill Lucado
2011 Recipient: William "Bill" Bragg
2012 Recipient: Evelyn Simmons
2013 Recipient: The Newby's: William Jr & Cathy; Aubrey, Jennifer, Addison, Grady & Clara Reese
2014 Recipient: Spencer Rhett McMurray
2015 Recipient:​ Mary Musselman
2016 Recipient: ​Patricia "Trish Ann" Jordan
​2017 Recipient: Beth Comer Colvin
2018 Recipient: Cecil Ethridge 
2019 Recipient: Christine Daniels
2020 Recipient: COVID 19
2021 Recipient: ​Patsy Childs
2022 Recipient: Earlene Hamilton
2023 Recipient: Gray Feed, Seed & Fertilizer​