Haddock School
Jones County
History & Heritage, Inc
Haddock School marker reads:

Generations of children from Haddock and the surrounding countryside attended Haddock School on this site from 1908 to 1967. The school building, identifiable by its classical revival portico and symmetrical wings, is now the Haddock Baptist Church Youth Center. The first school, called Haddock Academy, was constructed in 1907 to educate students from first grade through high school. The small brick building stood at the center of the present building on land donated by David D. Batchelor. Trustees were E.W. Coleman, C.W. Middlebrooks, and C.H Keller, and the builder was E.D. King. In 1934, J.C. received Federal funding from the Public Works Administration to remodel and expand the building for use as a primary school and model junior-high. architects for renovation were Dennis & Dennis from Macon. Beginning in fall 1948, the school served as an elementary school until its final year when it became a middle school for Jones County 6th and 7th graders. The changes over time reflect the movement towards countywide consolidation of schools. Following the school closure in 1967. Cherokee Products Company purchased the building and property, which they donated to Haddock Baptist Church in 1977 for development as a sanctuary .

  Placed by Jones County History and Heritage Inc and Alumnae of Haddock School